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6 Education Pathways That Ensure Career Success

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In today’s cutthroat competitive environment, people have to boost their academic credentials to make it to renowned organizations. The importance of higher education is tremendous in the corporate realm. It is a valuable tool that provides essential skills, the latest knowledge, and continued career development. Besides, it expands our vision and broadens the thinking spectrum. Additionally, education plays a vital role in a society’s growth and progress. It provides an ardent understanding of the world surrounding us and refines our perspective. Education generally provides us with the ability to analyze rigorously and rationally to ensure career success. It does not necessarily guarantee a luxurious life. However, if you become an expert in your field, you can quickly land a desired position in large organizations.

Nowadays, students are more concerned about whether their degree promises a good return on investment or not. You can read more about the benefits of studying in a good school and how it helps you shape a bright career. Eventually, they tend to take huge loans to finance quality education with the idea of paying it back after getting lucrative means of income. Seeking quality education is undeniably beneficial for your career advancement. However, it is necessary to ensure that the education pathway you pursue should align with your interests and capabilities. Following an education pathway merely because it is a popular choice among the masses won’t do you any good. It is imperative to pick one that accelerates your career growth while synchronizing your skillsets and capabilities.

Now, let’s discuss a few education pathways that ensure career success and provide lucrative opportunities:

Is Liberal arts education Ensure career success?

The liberal arts degree prepares students to excel in careers that require strong communication and critical thinking skills. The degree fosters creativity, problem-solving, and analytical reasoning. Furthermore, it enables aspirants to communicate ideas to diverse groups, overcome organizational challenges, and devise excellent strategies. Pursuing an online liberal studies degree will allow you to qualify for non-profit organizations, professional fields, and even the government sector. Besides, since the program is available online, one can conveniently manage work and studies simultaneously.

To increase their earning potential, liberal arts students can pursue masters in social sciences, history, philosophy, or whichever specialization entices them. According to a CNBC survey, 82% of liberal arts majors earn an average salary of $55,000 per annum. These students can also venture into the domains of marketing, advertising, and public relations.

Is IT and computer sciences Ensure career success?

The field of information technology is growing faster than ever. The landscape is surprisingly vast, brimming with lucrative options. It covers various niches that are evolving on a broad level, seeping into almost every other industry. I.T exposes you to avenues like robotics, AR/VR, artificial intelligence, programming, machine learning, and even gaming. It paves the way to the highest paying fields such as software engineering and web development. The most exciting part of getting a computer science degree is the high salary outlook for beginner-level IT positions. Technology dependence is evident in almost every function of modern-day businesses. Therefore, employers willingly pay top dollars for individuals possessing IT expertise. The median salary of an IT expert is approximately $88,000. However, it varies by degree level and occupation.

Is Engineering and Construction Ensure a career success

Engineering is an extensive field consisting of many different disciplines. These disciplines include petroleum, chemical, mechanical, and aerospace. Furthermore, it requires exceptional analytical, problem-solving, and innovation skills. The available careers for engineers are wide-ranging. However, you do have the choice of choosing a career fitting your engineering-relevant skills and capabilities. Engineering is an intimidating career that requires four years of painstaking struggle, and in some cases, practical experience. Graduates aiming to begin their careers in engineering will be delighted to hear that apart from the high demand for engineers, it pays well too. An average engineer earns approximately $75,000 per year.

Is Media and Communication Ensure career success

With the emerging trends of media and technology, new and more advanced means of communication enter the fold. For surviving tough competitions, companies have to communicate with their target audience about every essential organizational component. From what goes on in the manufacturing departments to how the business activities affect the environment, today’s consumer demands access to every information. These headways in technology provide a pathway for digital media. Digital media is an essential tool for businesses and brands to create long-term relationships with their customers.

Nowadays, organizations hunt for professionals who can help create a compelling brand image and communicate it to the masses. Individuals who strive for a communication degree have ample knowledge of utilizing and profiting from communication mediums. Besides, an average media professional earns around $59,230 in a year. The field has other disciplines like Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations. Almost every renowned, established organization seeks to hire these professionals to build external and internal relations.

Business Administration & Management

Business administration is a major that helps you become an all-rounder. A business degree will allow you to have a thorough walkthrough of theories and principles of management, accounting and finance, statistics, SCM, and human resource management. Ultimately, you’ll become an expert at various business functions and master essential business skills. Whether you want to run a business or become a part of any renowned organization, a business degree will benefit you immensely. The degree teaches you the skills, capabilities, and ethics essential to accelerate your career in the business realm. People often tend to pursue Masters in Business Administration (MBA) to propel their career to new heights further.

The annual report of The National Association of Colleges and Employers predicts that the average salary of an MBA graduate will rise to $87,966. This is the best field to ensure career success.

Is Actuarial Sciences Ensuring a career success

A major in actuarial sciences allows you to understand and master risk management. It plays a role in deriving solutions to decrease the chances of undesirable events and reduce the negative consequences of such events. The program offers graduates to learn how to use statistics, mathematics, analytical reasoning, and principles of probability to predict unforeseeable events and take preventive measures. Actuaries should also be aware of topics like politics, law, and government. They must have efficient communication skills in both verbal and nonverbal. To become a certified actuary, students should pass the licensing examination.

Additionally, the field offers a significant pay scale. The demand for an actuary professional makes it a worthy college major for students. The average salary of an actuary is $96,597 per annum. You can choose this field to ensure career success.

The Bottom Line

To ensure career success, these are a few majors that will help you ensure a successful career. However, an individual needs to be smart about their choices. Choosing your passion over a handsome pay scale is not a bad idea. But, for succeeding prospects, both elements must go hand in hand. The critical components to success are self-discipline, ethics, and a thirst for development. Besides being some of the intimidating majors, students who choose one of the majors mentioned in this article may find themselves well-poised to earn tremendously.

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