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How to Get a Legal Tint in California – California Tint Law

Are you looking for changes to the 2022-effective California legal tint vehicle laws? According to California law, a car’s front windshield and front side windows can only have a transparent strip of tint on the top 4 or 5 inches, and at least 70% of light must be able to pass through the tint on the front side windows for them to be regarded to have a legal tint in California. All sorts of automobiles are subject to such tint limitations and rules. Those rules must be followed whether you drive a sedan, SUV, van, or truck; otherwise, you risk receiving a ticket, a fine, and being forced to have the illegal tint removed.

Questions People Have About California’s Window Tint Laws

By the current legal tint in California, many people are perplexed. The following are the top three queries:

  • What kind of legal tint in California is accepted? What shade of window tint is permitted in California?
  • Is it possible for me to still qualify for a medical exemption from the California front window tint law?

To help drivers avoid receiving the darkest legal tint California citation from California cops, we will answer these and many other concerns about the modifications made to the state’s auto windshield and window tint regulations for 2022.

Darkest legal tint in California

The percentage of visible Light Transmission (VLT) expresses how much light enters a car’s window. Californian cars’ back and side windows can have any shade of tint, according to state law. However, if the back glass is tinted, a car must have two side mirrors.

California’s laws governing window tint

  1. 70% Front Side Windows
  2. Any backside windows
  3. Any rear windows
  4. 4 Inches of windshield
  5. Reflectivity: Not any more than a typical window.
  6. Other restrictions include the exclusion of red, amber, and blue. Back-tinted windows necessitate dual side mirrors.

Reflection of window tint and tint colours

California forbids the application of colour-changing film to any vehicle window. A motor vehicle’s legal tint in ca not reflect more light than a regular window can. California prohibits the use of tint film in the colours red, blue, and amber on front windshields.

Health Exemptions

Here are the requirements for obtaining a medical exemption for windows with tint, which is in force in California. It enables drivers in California to request medical exemptions from the rules governing tinting films from the state. Some people are permitted to employ window tint and other sunscreen-producing equipment on their front-side windows. The devices cannot be used at night, though. The rules controlling front window tint have changed. In California, it is required that those with medical issues that demand protection from the sun’s UV rays install clear, colourless, and transparent material on their car windows.

Application for California Window Tint Exemption

According to 2017 updates to the California tint regulations, you will be permitted to get more window tint for your automobile if you have a doctor’s note. Automobile owners typically include the letter or paperwork requesting a window tint exemption. However, the laws of 2022 still hold.

Certificate for Window Film

In California, drivers are required to preserve a certificate from the business that installed their tint. Before they may be approved for sale in California, tint filmmakers must also certify the film there. Companies that apply tint film are also required by state law to provide the car owner with a sticker or certificate.

Avoiding Tickets for Front Side Window Tint

California mandates that front-side windows have aftermarket legal window tint California added to permit more than 88% of light to enter. Aftermarket film must have a minimum visible light transmission of 70% when used with factory-tinted windows. Additionally, it must ensure that it complies with California legal tint standards imposed for window tint percentages.

What The Tint Law Prohibits

Stickers and other decorations are not permitted on the front side windows of vehicles. In addition, the regulation specifies that window tint film that is damaged, bubbled, or worn and potentially hinders the driver’s view must be repaired or removed. The tinting law is strictly enforced by California police personnel.


In California, car tinting is permitted, but adherence to the law is crucial. One must adhere to all the requirements outlined in the window tint legislation if they don’t want to be fined. Therefore, make sure you know these restrictions before operating any automobiles with tinted windows. Respecting these laws is essential, especially in California tint laws. Different towns, nevertheless, have applied window-tinting regulations differently. You must therefore prove that you are knowledgeable about these laws.


Is five tint legal in California?

California window tint law restricts windshield tint to the top 4 inches

Is 20 tint illegal in California?

Yes, that is illegal.

What is the legal tint percentage in California?


What is the darkest legal tint in california?

According to California tint law, 88% tint darkness with aftermarket film & up to 70% tint darkness if combined with factory-tinted windows.

Whats the legal tint in california?

Legal tint can be a legal option for car’s window in California.

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