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Print Marketing Materials To Increase Your Sales

Since the advent of the printing press centuries ago, the widespread dissemination of printed words and images has shaped communications around the globe. Books, newspapers, posters, and other printed materials have swayed public opinion, memorialized powerful events, united causes, and otherwise left their indelible mark on the trajectory of human history.  

Printed materials also revolutionized the world of marketing.

Think of it. Printed advertisements like signs, brochures, catalogs, flyers, posters, banners, booklets, door hangers, postcards, billboards, and more (alongside the evolution of radio and television ads) have been the foundation of successful marketing for many, many decades.  

And you know what? Even in the age of digital marketing, print materials still hold their own.  While businesses must now also factor digital solutions like email, search engine, and social media marketing into their strategies, current research clearly demonstrates that print marketing continues to be highly influential.  

Let’s take a look.  

Why Print and Why Now?

You might be surprised to learn that, despite the gravitational pull of the virtual world, 82% of consumers still report that, when making a decision, they trust print ads the most. Print ads generate a 20% higher motivation response than digital ads, and consumers who view print ads for a particular brand are more likely to subsequently visit that brand’s website.  

Certainly, print and digital advertising can go hand in hand. But don’t discount the potential power of independent print marketing on its own, either.  

Print media is currently experiencing a renaissance in the digital age. While the public is increasingly attached to their mobile devices, they’re also becoming exhausted by and desensitized to the constant onslaught of digital campaigns and pop-up ads.

Clever print marketing can be refreshing; it has the potential to capture consumers in unique, tangible, and impactful ways.  But where to begin? How should you invest your print marketing dollars to get the greatest reward in return?  

While there are many options out there, the five print materials below are great starting points with tons of potential for engaging customers and increasing your company’s sales. 

Here’s how:

  1. Door Hangers

Door hangers are those hook-shaped ads that are specifically designed to grace neighborhood doors. With double-sided options for text and image content, they literally have to be handled by potential customers in order for them to enter their homes. An eye-catching design or promotion can easily facilitate a second glance and convert to a sale.  

Perfect for local and service-based businesses, door hangers have to be delivered by hand (which shows dedication) but don’t require knocking door-to-door (which optimizes delivery time). They can be as unique as your business and are straightforward and economical to design and print.  

PrintPro commercial printing in Winnipeg offers some great tips on how to design an effective door hanger.

  1. Postcards and Invitations

In today’s digital world, few things are as refreshing as receiving a personalized piece of real mail. Mailboxes are largely filled with bills and flyers, and a beautifully crafted postcard can go a long way.  

Postcards are easy to print and provide plenty of space for innovative design. Send them for clients’ birthdays, to promote exclusive events, or to remind customers that they’re due for an appointment or service. If you really want to go the extra mile, handwrite a short message on the back of each postcard.  

In the same vein as postcards, personalized invitations are a meaningful way to reach out directly to valued customers. It’s easy to scroll past a social media ad, but not as easy to ignore an invitation to a real, live special event. Invitations do require an investment of time and energy, so they’re best reserved for a more targeted approach to client retention.  

  1. Vehicle Wraps

When people are driving (with their smartphones safely tucked away), it’s the perfect time to dazzle them with some on-the-road print advertising. Vehicle wraps add so much pizazz to an otherwise boring drive!  

Car, truck, SUV, or trailer, a professional vehicle wrap is a memorable way to turn heads and drive your message home (pun intended).  There’s plenty of room to creatively promote your brand, and vibrant colors are usually guaranteed for up to five years (like the quality vehicle wraps in London, Ontario, provided by Speedpro London).  

  1. Calendars

While everyone has access to digital calendars nowadays, many people still prefer to write commitments and appointments on a hard-copy surface. A printed calendar is a slightly pricier print marketing option, but it guarantees that customers will be looking at your brand’s advertising every single day for an entire year.  

Depending on your budget and clientele, a free calendar can be a fantastic opportunity to build brand loyalty with niche-specific images (even original photos, if that’s within reach for your business) while also providing something functional and useful to your customers. It’s a win-win marketing scenario.  

  1. Business Cards

Almost every business has business cards. But not every business has a business card design that makes it stand out!  

With the collaboration of a knowledgeable printing company, you should be able to create a business card that perfectly reflects your business goals—and won’t go straight into the recycling bin. Elements like matte finishing, spot varnishing, embossing/debossing, and foil stamping can really distinguish your card from others.  

For something unusual, consider die-cutting options to create a card that’s shaped like something specific or has customized cut-outs.  It will undoubtedly stand out amidst a stack of standard rectangles!

Good for Business

Print marketing is no longer the only option out there (as it once was), yet it remains powerful, attractive, and effective in a world all too often dominated by screens and virtual interactions.  

There’s something to be said for real-life advertisements that customers can hold in their hands, find in their mailboxes, tack on their walls (in the case of calendars), or drive behind on the interstate (in the case of vehicle wraps).  

The data has spoken, and the truth is that print products still represent a formidable marketing frontier. So what are you waiting for? Get busy designing your next print advertisement today!

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