business to start with 5k

What business to open with 50k? What business to open in a small town or village in 2022? WikiCréa gives you 20 original business ideas. It is in some cases possible to start a business with 50k. Several solutions are possible to reduce the cost of the initial investment and achieve profitability more quickly

Pro tips to start a business with low budget

  • Find a room at the lowest possible rent: this is possible in villages or small towns. Choose a visible and well-placed room: this is what will allow your activity to take off quickly,
  • Sign a precarious lease rather than a long-term lease,
  • Find a solution to avoid having to finance stock: practice deposit-sale, recovery, or sell services rather than goods,
  • Find partner-suppliers to help you put together your offer at a lower cost: local producers, artisans, associations, etc.
  • Sell high-margin products: salvaged objects, food products, tea, coffee, etc.
  • Sell your own creations: artistic creations for example.

What business can I start with 50k?

Here are 20 business ideas to start with 50k.

1) Create a consignment store for clothing or childcare articles. This business start with 50k

2) Open a recycling center. Specialize in a particular type of object and offer repairs. This is the business to start with 20k

3) Open an e-commerce. By definition, opening an online store saves the cost of rent. In addition, dropshipping avoids having to finance inventory. There is no shortage of e-commerce creation ideas. This business start with 30k

 4) Open a local craft store. Associate several local producers and offer them to deposit their creations in order to avoid having to finance a stock. This business start with 10k

5) Start a car wash business. This is a fairly inexpensive start-up service business. This is the business to start with 20k

6) Open a shop selling local products. Find local partners willing to showcase their products in your store. This is the business to start with 30k

7) Launch your food-truck. Margins can be significant for this type of business. This is the business to start with 10k

8) Establish yourself as a seller in the markets. This is the business to start with 50k

9)  Open a cheese shop or cheese bar. Again, the margins can be significant. This is the business to start with 10k

10) Open a tea room. Same comment as above. This is the business to start with 5k

11) Open a solidarity cafe, for example in the associative form.

12) Open a second-hand bookstore. Launch an appeal to individuals to build your first stock of books.

13) Open a grocery store from local producers. Federate a network of producers ready to participate in your adventure. Ask them to deposit their products on consignment first.

14) Open a wine or beer bar. For this type of business the investment can be quite low and the margins comfortable. This business can start with 40k

15) Open a store of mangas, comics, figurines and goodies. The best business to start with 10k.

16) Create an art gallery: exhibit your own creations as well as those of selected artists.

17) Open a business selling and recycling printer cartridges.

18) Open a coffee shop. This business cab be start with 30k

19) Create an association shop. Propose to national or local associations to become partners.

20) Create an organic store of bulk products or fruits and vegetables.

The steps to open your business with in 5k

You can follow these steps to open your business within 50k.

  1. Find a concept and search for suppliers or partners,
  2. Start looking for your business premises,
  3. Do a market study, for example through a questionnaire,
  4. Estimate your start-up needs as precisely as possible and write a financial plan,
  5. Seek financing if necessary,
  6. Sign the commercial lease,
  7. Do any work and decorate your business,
  8. Choose your legal status and declare your activity (with the CCI in most cases),
  9. Launch communication and activity,
  10. Find your customers.

Excel tools to manage your small business (free).

WikiCréa provides you with free Excel tools:

  • A financial plan template , easy to complete
  • biller allowing to establish quotes and invoices
  • recipe bookcompulsory for auto-entrepreneurs
  • Cash monitoring 

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