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5 Ways To Edit A PDF File

PDF is short for Portable Document Format, and it’s a document file format created by Adobe Systems. PDFs are widely used in the business world because they’re easy to share and distribute. However, sometimes people need to edit the original version of a PDF file before sharing it. Here are some ways to edit a PDF file if this is the case.

1. Use Acrobat Reader

In order to edit your PDF files, you need a tool that can open the File and allow you to view it. The most popular tool for this is Adobe Reader, which is free and available on any computer device. Once you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer, you can use it to open any PDF file and make changes as needed. In addition, you can use the PDF rotate feature too. Adobe Acrobat experts say, “You can use any type of device to rotate pages in a PDF document.”

When finished editing the document, simply save it back into its original format by choosing File -> Save As or Ctrl+S (Windows) or Command+S (MacOS). You can also print out your edited document at any time by selecting Print from within Windows or MacOS’ native printing menus (or from within Adobe Reader’s print menu).

2. Use a PDF Editor

A PDF editor is a program that can edit a PDF file. Some are paid, and others are free. A few of the most popular options include Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.

If you have an existing PDF document, then using one of these programs to edit it will be very simple. However, you should be able to open and save your changes directly from within the program itself once you have installed it on your computer (if not already present).

3. Use Google Docs and Microsoft Word

If you want to edit a PDF file in Word, here’s how:

  • Open the PDF and copy it into your computer’s clipboard. Then open Microsoft Word or Google Docs and click “Paste.” This will convert the text from your PDF into Word or another document that you can edit.
  • Make changes as necessary, then save it as an Adobe PDF again (if desired).
  • Or convert it back into a regular document by selecting “Save As” from the File menu and choosing “Word Document” from the drop-down menu that appears when you do so; then add whatever formatting you want at this point if needed.

4. Use A Web-Based Tool

You can also use a web-based tool to edit your PDF file. This is a great option if you want to edit in a browser without installing any extra software or if you’re unsure which editor would be best for the job.

5. Use A Mobile App

A mobile app can be a great solution if you need to work on a document while on the go. Online PDF editors tend to have fewer features than their desktop counterparts. But many of the apps that are available for free or for purchase are quite capable of editing PDF files. 

They’ll allow you to make basic changes like adding text, removing pages and changing fonts. You can also use some of these apps on your phone or tablet if you don’t want to install anything on your computer (though this won’t allow access from multiple devices).

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