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How to Keep Your Office Documents Organized while Working from Home?

The world experienced a sudden turnaround a few years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. People belonging to all professions were deeply affected by it. However, the strict lockdown that was implemented throughout the globe brought a big change in the way companies and organizations all around the world functioned. Almost all companies, irrespective of their size or capacity, switched to the remote culture of functioning. All employees were instructed to work from home instead of coming to the office and increasing the spread of the virus.

The world has almost returned to functioning normally, including companies and organizations. However, there are tons of companies that are still adhering to the remote or hybrid work culture. Even though the common belief among the masses is that working remotely lowers employees’ productivity, it is the opposite. As per reports by Apollo Technical, working from home facilitates individuals to get more work done, i.e., studies show that working remotely enhances the productivity of individuals by approximately 13%. Let’s discuss how to keep your office documents organized while working from home.

Even though working remotely offers numerous advantages to employees, it also presents numerous challenges, out of which managing and organizing office documents is one of the most prominent ones. Even though digitally storing files may not seem like a complicated task, it is a challenging one, especially if there are tons of office documents that employees need to use daily. Keeping office documents organized while working from home is a challenge, but there are numerous efficient methods and tricks following which remotely working employees can simplify the task. This article will list numerous tips and tricks following which remotely-working individuals can conveniently organize office documents without breaking a sweat. Let us begin:

Declutter Regularly

One of the most important steps in ensuring that all your office documents remain organized is to eliminate the ones you no longer require. If you have been using the same device for work for a long time, chances are that it is full of work-related files, including images, documents, etc. Hence, if you plan to keep your work device organized, it would be best to start by deleting obsolete documents and files. When starting the cleanup process, you should set up parameters to get the job done more conveniently. For instance, you should start by getting rid of duplicate documents. Then, you should delete older versions of files. Followed by this, you can get rid of files that are no longer accessible due to corruption or other compatibility issues. Once you are done getting rid of obsolete documents, you can focus on organizing the remaining ones in a streamlined manner. 

Merge Files Containing Similar Information

There are numerous times when remotely working employees’ work computers are filled with tons of files that feature a similar category of information. Hence, if any individual wishes to keep their office documents organized, it would be best if they merge similar documents. For instance, if they have two PDF documents that feature information related to the same category, they can combine them. Doing so will not only make it easier for the user to save space but also allow them to organize files in a seamless manner. 

However, there are instances when users need to separate the content or information present in documents. For instance, users may need to split a PDF file containing multiple pages into two separate documents for easier file organization. Thankfully, there are numerous ways following which users can get the job done. For instance, macOS users can split PDF documents using a native tool like Preview or by opting for third-party apps like Permute or Nitro PDF Pro. On the other hand, Windows users can also get the job done using the powerful Adobe Acrobat utility or online PDF-editing websites or platforms like Smallpdf or ILovePDF. 

Follow a Definite Naming System

Removing obsolete files and merging or splitting files is a great way to start the document-organizing process. However, once an individual is done with both, they need to streamline the process by following a robust file-naming system. Doing so will benefit them in numerous ways. For starters, it will allow them to organize files in such a way that makes it easy for them to access them during emergencies. Besides this, it will also facilitate making their work device’s OS look neat and clean. Moreover, a clear naming system helps keep track of all the files or documents stored on a drive. While renaming their office documents, individuals are advised to be consistent and sensible while choosing a naming system. For example, they should consider adding dates in a concise but understandable manner to keep every office document ordered chronologically. Moreover, the naming system should be uniform or consistent throughout the device to prevent confusion. 

If you are a remote working employee who is having a hard time managing work documents, following the effective digital document organization tips will significantly help you out.

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