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Top 10 Companies that make charging stations for Electric Cars

Looking to install an electric vehicle (EV) charging station at a resident, workplace or other facility? Find out about the leading Companies that make charging stations for Electric Cars.

To save the world from harmful carbon emissions and stop the use of fossil fuels, environmentalists propose increasing the use of electric vehicles. With this means of transport you can make the world greener and more livable for future generations.

As EVs become more prevalent on the roads, so does the demand for EV charging stations. Many companies are trying to consider office moving services to just get a better place where the employees are facilitated with EV charging stations. Read this article to learn about the best EV charging companies that can offer robust solutions.

The growth of electric vehicles and the importance of charging stations for electric vehicles

Despite the global promotion of public transport, the number of private cars is increasing every day. Vehicles that run on fossil fuels typically emit a significant amount of carbon, which is responsible for global warming and climate change. This is where electric vehicles or EVs enter the scene. 

People who love to keep the world green and the environment clean have switched to electric vehicles in recent years. These vehicles play a significant role in improving air quality and reducing the likelihood of health hazards from air pollution. Due to attributes such as energy efficiency and low maintenance, sales of electric vehicles have risen sharply worldwide.

The growth of EV and the importance of EV charging companies

Needless to say, more EVs creates the need for more EV charging stations . In addition to residential buildings, people need charging stations in public parking lots, workplaces, hospitals, shopping malls and other public places. 

Now, users want EV charging stations to come with high-end features, including network connectivity , smart metering, compatibility with various payment modes, and cellular capability.

Leading companies are already investing in EV charging stations in cooperation with the leading EV charging companies. Over time, there will be higher demand for fast charging infrastructure in more places. In the future, experienced companies that have invested in the research and development of charging stations will have an advantage over new entrants.

Here are some of the EV charging companies for business.

1. EVgo

EVgo is a popular charging company that business owners can rely on without hesitation. It aims to accelerate the mass adoption of EVs by providing convenient and affordable EV charging solutions over a reliable network. 

The company offers an extensive public network consisting of DC Fast chargers. The network includes 850 reliable fast charging stations in over 60 metropolitan areas. It is powered by 100% renewable energy. So if you are looking for sustainable fuel for your vehicle, go for it.

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This industry leader is committed to 98% network uptime. With the EVgo app, available for Android and iOS, users can even see the availability of chargers in real time. It also allows its users to track charging sessions, view session summaries, and reserve an EVgo charger.

Since the EVgo fuel price is based on regional supply costs, it can offer the lowest possible tariff for each location. Users can choose to pay as needed or choose from a variety of EVgo membership plans. Its network currently includes more than 800 stations, which the company plans to triple over the next five years.

2. Enel X Way

Do you want to install some premium EV charging stations in homes, green buildings, parking lots, hospitals, college campuses, workplaces and restaurants? Enel X-Way JuiceBox Pro commercial EV charging stations are the perfect solution for you. 

This leading provider of intelligent charging stations for electric vehicles has connected its solutions to the electricity grid. It also supports automotive, utility, and business programs around the world. Its fully connected stations can maximize your investment in EV infrastructure while providing customers, guests and employees with a premium EV charging experience.

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The commercial smart chargers from Enel X Way are also suitable for the charging incentive in the USA. Additionally, it offers immense value to property owners so that they can easily achieve their sustainability goals.

The stations offer flexible outdoor and indoor installation with multiple options – you can wall mount, pedestal mount or hardwire them. The charging solutions are not only compatible with fully electric vehicle models, but are also compact and weatherproof.

3. National EV

National EV is a turnkey intelligent EV charging company that all companies can use. When it comes to turnkey EV charger installations in the US, this company is considered the leader. It keeps bringing out new models to expand its range and reduce costs. Thus, owning electric vehicles becomes more lucrative. 

National EV Smart EV charging company

National EV provides the best EV charging products and project management software to manage large installations for customers. This company not only sells and installs EV chargers, but also services them for companies that want to add EV changers to their commercial property. 

It offers multi-plug facilities that allow you to serve more than one customer at a time. Level 3 charging solution allows you to provide a fast charge. The stations are easy to install thanks to fast service provided by the company’s team of experts. Because National EV uses AI to power it, the entire process is managed in an organized manner.

4. ChargePoint

If you are looking for a comprehensive charging solution, you should go for Charge. It also boasts the most extensive electric vehicle charging network. It offers you the right solutions for your company, regardless of size and industry. 

With the help of the team of experts, you can keep your customers, visitors and partners happy. Additionally, it helps you find recharge discounts and incentives while providing the necessary guidance through all the logistics. In short, it gives you everything you need to be part of the forward-thinking gas station network.

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One ChargePoint account is enough for users to access hundreds of charging points on this most open EV charging network in North America and Europe. Whether it’s a light vehicle or a heavy vehicle, the fleet management software from this company will help you balance uptime and charging costs.

Some popular industries utilizing this EV charging service include Auto Dealerships, Apartments/Condos, New Construction, Fleets, Education, Hospitality, Workplaces, Utilities, Retail, Parking Lot Operators, Cities, Municipalities, Gas Station & Convenience Retail, Federal/State Agencies, and Entertainment.

The ChargePoint network is essentially an integration of hardware, cloud services, and support. With the combination of these three features, it can provide the smoothest experience for businesses and users. 

5. ABB

ABB is an EV charging company laying the foundation for smarter and zero-emission mobility. As a global leader in EV charging, it supports all EV charging standards. The company aims to make EV solutions accessible to everyone from anywhere in the world.

It is an internet-connected charging infrastructure that offers specific charging solutions to improve your business. Since the chargers are compatible with any service or payment application, they will work anywhere and with any connected service.

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ABB offers a complete solution with robust connectivity that includes compact AC wall boxes and reliable DC fast charging stations. It helps you to develop innovative on-demand charging systems for electric buses by providing the next-generation infrastructure for smarter mobility.

Chargers connected to ABB Ability not only ensure fast worldwide service, but also offer proactive maintenance. The company has many years of experience in setting up and maintaining the infrastructure of several nationwide charging networks. Therefore, companies can rely on installing charging solutions for commercial fleets, industrial fleets, public commercial parking lots, etc.

6. Webasto EV Solutions 

Webasto EV Solutions helps you invest in a greener future by offering EV charging solutions for all types of electric vehicles available in the market. The electric vehicle chargers can be used in workplaces, parking garages, hotels, shopping malls, retail stores and airports.

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By working with Webasto to set up EV charging points, your company can attract top industry talent and improve employee satisfaction. The company helps your organization meet corporate social responsibility goals and demonstrate green leadership. 

Also, it will increase foot traffic to your business by attracting high-income EV drivers. Webasto EV Solutions not only increases the productivity of your employees, but also helps to achieve greenhouse gas emission reduction targets and improve the local air quality in your office or place of residence.

7. Blink

Blinken is a premier provider of Tier 2 EV charging solutions, enabling you to take advantage of the ever-growing number of EVs. His team will guide you from the front to help you operate charging stations in an apartment building, park, workplace, healthcare facility, educational institution, airport or anywhere else.

Its EV charging solutions with a full range of deployment configurations can be found around the world including North America, Europe and the Middle East. The company offers you four flexible business models: Host Ownership, Blink Ownership, Hybrid Ownership and Blink as a Service. You can choose any of these options based on your needs.

The company uses a sophisticated cloud computing platform designed to serve global networks and customers. Its future-proof technology is able to meet the ever-changing EV industry. 

Sleek and sleek, Blink gear looks perfect in any indoor or outdoor setting. Its plug and play feature supports effortless charging. Apart from that, the Blink app is another excellent tool that can help the user to find the direction to the nearest stations. 

8. EVBox

EVBox works tirelessly to bring a sustainable future to your next generation. Since beginning its journey in 2010, this EV charging company has enabled thousands of futuristic companies around the world to get into electric mobility. It continues to make the transportation system accessible to more people and keeps things cleaner. 

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The company provides the necessary infrastructure, expertise and support to accommodate evolving charging scenarios. In addition, EVBox provides users with an extensive list of services and training for smooth operation and hardware maintenance.

With the charging management software, companies can easily manage and optimize EV charging solutions located at various commercial and residential sites. The software features automatic payment flow, detailed loading insights and full remote control.

9. Tritium

Tritium is one of the most popular EV charging companies with over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry. It provides businesses with advanced and reliable DC fast charging solutions so they can future-proof their investment while employing cutting-edge technology.

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The company develops and produces both proprietary hardware and software for electric vehicles. The compact and rugged chargers that Tritium manufactures are durable enough to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. This EV charging solution provider uses special dedicated technology to make charging stations easy to install, own and use in any of your preferred locations.

10. Allego (Europe)

Enclosed has the largest pan-European EV fast charging network dedicated to making your EV charging experience more convenient and enjoyable. The EV charging company provides reliable charging solutions for electric cars, motors, buses and trucks for consumers, businesses and cities, regardless of vehicle model or grid affiliation. 

Businesses and cities that choose Allego’s end-to-end charging solutions can easily deploy the infrastructure drivers need. The company has more than 28,000 operational charging stations across Europe – and its network is expanding every day. Because of its reliable scalability, make it your partner of the future.

The company offers various charging solutions for the stations. For high-traffic locations such as gas stations and street restaurants, businesses can choose high-capacity charging stations. These stations offer DC fast charging for all electric vehicles and are perfect for vehicle sharing or taxis.

Users can visit the fast charging stations in supermarkets, shopping malls, restaurants and convention venues. While shopping or having lunch, you can charge your vehicle within 1 hour. 

In addition, Allego offers normal AC chargers in hotels and parking garages that you can use for average and long charges, which typically last 1.5 to 8 hours.


Electric vehicles today occupy a significant share of the transport market. However, the growth becomes meaningless if there is not enough charging station infrastructure. Along with the government, companies should step forward with the help of EV charging companies to set up more EV charging stations and charging points.

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