Largest Cyber Security Companies

A detailed look at the leading and largest cybersecurity companies and venture companies with detailed comparison.

Largest CyberSecurity Companies by Revenue

Listed below are the various top enterprise-level cybersecurity software companies to look out for in your cybersecurity services.

Comparison of the best cybersecurity companies

cybersecurity companyrevenuesecurity servicesPrice
Checkpoint software1 – 2 billion US dollarsNetwork Security, Cloud Security, Mobile Security, Endpoint Security, and Security Management.Checkpoint software get an offer
ScienceSoft25 million dollarsVulnerability Analysis,Penetration Testing, Security CodeReview,Infrastructure Security Audit, Conformance Testing.Contact ScienceSoft consultants for pricing details.
ImmuniWeb®$3 million +Asset Discovery & Asset Inventory, Security Assessments & Security Scorecard, Application Security Testing, Software Composition Analysis, Continuous Security Monitoring, Web Application Penetration Testing, Mobile Application Penetration Testing, Dark Web Monitoring, Data Leakage Monitoring, GDPR & PCI DSS Compliance, Virtual PatchingContact the company for a quote.
intruder– –Vulnerability analysis,penetration testing,cloud security,network securityintruder get an offer
hackerone$25 million +Hacker-driven security through penetration testing, bug rewards, vulnerability disclosure programs, vulnerability assessments, conformance testing, and more.Contact the company for a quote.
Cipher CIS20-50 million dollarsManaged security services, managed detection and response, red team services, cyber intelligence services, cyber technology integration, and governance risk and compliance.Free trial of CipherBox MDR available for eligible organizations.
Symantec$4 to $5 billionAdvanced Threat Protection, Information Protection, Endpoint Security, Email Security, Network Security and Cloud Security.Symantec Starts at $2.50/month
Cisco49-50 billion dollarsFirewall, anti-malware, email security, endpoint security, cloud security, multi-factor authentication and security services.Cisco Firewall pricing starts at $302. Cisco Email Security pricing starts at $21.99 for a one-year premium bundle subscription.
Palo Alto$2 to $3 billionCloud security, network security and endpoint security.Palo Alto The Network Security Appliance starts at $10968.99. Endpoint Protection Workstation pricing starts at $75.99.
CyberArk$261 – $262 millionAccess to security, security and risk management for cloud and DevOps, Application Identity Manager, Conjur and Endpoint Privilege Manager.CyberArk get an offer The company follows the subscription-based and one-time license fee. It also offers a free trial. User license cost can range from 1000 to 4999
FireEye$779 to $780 millionNetwork Security, Endpoint Security, Email Security, Managed Security, and Cloud Security.FireEye endpoint security is $30 per endpoint. Appliance prices start at $19,995 to support 100,000 endpoints.
Imperva$321 to $322 millionApplication security (web application firewall, DDoS protection) and data security (privacy protection, data risk analysis, data masking, file security and vulnerability detection)There are two pricing plans for Application + Data Security. (FlexProtect Plus and FlexProtect Premier). For application security (FlexProtect Pro, FlexProtect Plus and FlexProtect Premier). For data security (FlexProtect Plus & FlexProtect Premier).

#1) ScienceSoft (McKinney, TX)

ScienceSoft is a professional cyber security service provider with 17 years of experience in the field. ScienceSoft’s Certified Ethical Hackers are ready to test the security of network services, servers, firewalls, IDS/IPSs, APIs, and the front-end and back-end of web, mobile, and desktop applications.

As an IBM Business Partner for security operations and response, ScienceSoft has successfully completed more than 150 security testing and consulting projects in industries such as banking, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, public sector and telecommunications.

Earnings: $25 million.

Established: 1989.

Core Cybersecurity Services: Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, Security Code Review, Infrastructure Security Audit, Conformance Testing.

Pricing: Contact ScienceSoft consultants for pricing details.=> Visit the ScienceSoft website

#2) ImmuniWeb (Geneva, Switzerland)

ImmuniWeb® is a global, Switzerland-based cybersecurity company providing application security testing, continuous web security and compliance monitoring, and asset inventory with security ratings enhanced by dark web monitoring. ImmuniWeb helps organizations reduce the complexity and cost of application security and compliance.on

ImmuniWeb AI Platform Products:

  • ImmuniWeb Discovery provides rapid discovery and inventory of assets with AI-based security assessments enhanced by continuous Dark Web monitoring.
  • ImmuniWeb On-Demand provides turnkey web penetration testing (Web, API, Cloud, AWS).
  • ImmuniWeb MobileSuite offers turnkey mobile penetration testing (iOS and Android applications, backend API, 3rd party content).
  • ImmuniWeb Continuous provides 24/7 continuous monitoring and penetration testing (Web, API, Cloud, AWS).

ImmuniWeb has also developed the following FREE online tools for the cybersecurity community:

  • SSL security test
  • Website Security Test
  • Mobile app security test
  • phishing test

ImmuniWeb was awarded the SC Award Europe 2018 in the Best Use of AI and Machine Learning category, beating out the other finalists including IBM Watson.=> Visit the ImmuniWeb® official website.

#3) Intruder

Intruder is a global cybersecurity company that helps businesses reduce their exposure to attack by providing an effortless cybersecurity solution. Intruder’s product is a cloud-based vulnerability scanner that uncovers security gaps in the entire digital infrastructure.

Intruder offers reliable security checks, continuous monitoring and an intuitive operation of the platform and protects companies of all sizes from hackers. Since its inception in 2015, Intruder has received multiple awards and been selected for GCHQ’s Cyber ​​Accelerator. “

Core cybersecurity services: vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, cloud security, network security, etc.=> Visit the Intruder website

#4) HackerOne

Hackerone is the leading hacker-based security platform, enabling organizations to find and fix critical vulnerabilities before they can be exploited. More Fortune 500 and Forbes Global 1000 companies trust HackerOne than any other hacker-driven security alternative.

Headquarters: San Francisco, USA

Established: 2012

Employee Count : 250+

Revenue: $25M+on

The US Department of Defense, General Motors, Google, the CERT Coordination Center and over 1,300 other organizations have partnered with HackerOne to find over 120,000 security vulnerabilities and provide over $80 million in bug awards.

HackerOne is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in London, New York, the Netherlands and Singapore.

Core Services: Hacker-driven security through penetration testing, bug rewards, vulnerability disclosure programs, vulnerability assessments, conformance testing, and more.

Customers: US Department of Defense, Google Play, Spotify, Paypal, Slack, HBO, Verizon, Twitter, Shopify, Toyota, General Motors, Starbucks, European Commission, Twitter.=> Visit the HackerOne website

#5) Cipher CIS (Miami, USA)

Chiffre is a cybersecurity company that offers end-to-end white-glove services to protect businesses from attackers. As part of Prosegur’s Cybersecurity department, Cipher combines deep cyber know-how with an understanding of physical security and IoT security.

Core Cybersecurity Services: Managed Security Services, Managed Detection and Response, Red Team Services, Cyber ​​Intelligence Services, Cyber ​​Technology Integration, and Governance Risk and Compliance.

Price: Free trial of CipherBox MDR available for eligible organizations.

#6) Symantec CyberSecurity for Enterprise (Mountain View, CA)

Symantec Corporation is a cybersecurity company that protects the data of organizations, governments, and individuals no matter where they live. It offers protection against sophisticated attacks across endpoints, cloud and infrastructure.

Revenue: Around $4 billion.

Established: 1982

Core Cybersecurity Services: Advanced Threat Protection, Information Protection, Endpoint Security, Email Security, Network Security, and Cloud Security.

Pricing: Symantec offers four pricing plans: Endpoint Protection Cloud Appliance (starting at $2.50/month), Endpoint Protection Cloud User (starting at $4.50/month), Endpoint Protection Cloud Server (starting at $3.50/month). ) and Drive Encryption (starting at $9.00/month).

Website: Symantec Corporation

#7) Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Check Point Software Technologies provides cybersecurity solutions for malware, ransomware, and other types of attacks.

It provides government and enterprise solutions to defend cloud, network and mobile devices. It follows a layered security architecture and offers a solution for any size business.

Revenue: Around $1 billion.

Established: 1993

Core Cybersecurity Services: Network Security, Cloud Security, Mobile Security, Endpoint Security, and Security Management.

Pricing: A free trial is available for some products. You can contact the company for detailed pricing information.

Website: Check Point Software Technologies

#8) Cisco (San Jose, CA)

Cisco offers a solution for IT, network and cyber security. Cisco solutions are available for companies of all sizes.

Revenue: Around $49 billion.

Established: 1984

Core Cybersecurity Services: Firewall, Anti-Malware, Email Security, Endpoint Security, Cloud Security, Multi-Factor Authentication and Security Services.

Pricing: Pricing information is not disclosed by the company. However, according to online reviews, prices could be as follows: Cisco Firewall price starts at $302 and Cisco Email Security price starts at $21.99 for a one-year premium bundle subscription.

Website: Cisco

#9) Palo Alto Networks (SANTA CLARA, CA

Palo Alto provides cyber security for industries such as finance, healthcare, retail, oil and gas, ICS and SCADA, utilities and manufacturing, etc. Cyber ​​security is offered for cloud, network and mobile devices.

The cyber security solutions are available for SaaS, private and public cloud.

Revenue: Around $2 billion.

Established: 2005

Core Cybersecurity Services: Cloud Security, Network Security and Endpoint Security.

Pricing: According to online reviews, the price of the Network Security appliance starts at $10968.99 and the price of the Endpoint Protection Workstation starts at $75.99.

Website: Palo Alto Networks

#10) McAfee (SANTA CLARA, CA)

McAfee also offers cybersecurity for devices and clouds. The security solutions are available for both consumers and businesses. McAfee serves three industries viz. H. Finance, Healthcare and Public Sector.

Revenue: Around $2 billion.

Established: 1987on

Core Cybersecurity Services: Antivirus, Network Security, Server Security, Database Security, Endpoint Protection, Web Security, Security Management, Privacy & Encryption, and Security Analytics.

Pricing: Antivirus is priced at $54.99 for 1 device, $84.99 for 5 devices, and $44.99 for 10 devices. Free trial versions are also available for the product. Request a quote to learn more about the pricing details of the business products.


In conclusion, we can say that Symantec, Check Point Software, Cisco, Palo Alto Networks and McAfee are the best providers of enterprise cybersecurity services.

Network security, cloud security, email security, and endpoint security are provided by almost all of the top companies. CyberArk provides the Conjur for managing secrets, while Check Point provides software and IBM Mobile Security.

Microsoft, IBM and Amazon are the top companies popular for their cloud and other services. They are also providers of cyber security services.

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